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"Trusting people is what caused all of this in the first place. But... Nik is different from most others here."

― Samuel Ayers

Nikolai Krol is one of the love interests in The Smoke Room. He is a miner and one of Samuel's favorite clients.


Nikolai is a tall, burly badger with brown eyes. He has some grey facial scruff that resembles a mustache and stubble. He wears a cream-colored shirt tucked into jeans, with a brown belt. On the job, Nikolai wears a mining helmet.


Nikolai is a man of few words, although he is very perceptive. He is caring and protective of those close to him. He is quick to help others, even in the most precarious situations. He's shown to be very affectionate with those he cares about, valuing intimacy more than sex.


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Early Life[]

Nikolai was born on January 2nd, 1877[2] in Lakhia, a nation in Eastern Europa. He immigrated as a young man with his family, who live somewhere east of Echo. He settled in Echo sometime prior to 1914, and he got a job in the mines. He lives in a bunkhouse with several other miners, including Yao and Jack.

He became a client of Samuel's in 1914, and unusually, didn't request sex. After his third or fourth appointment, his earnings at the mine changed, and he could no longer afford to visit. However, Samuel was able to convince Madam Dora to allow Nik to pay a third of the rate so he could continue seeing him.


Nik runs into a heavily injured Samuel after he stumbles out of the mine. Despite his offers for help, Samuel brushes off and goes back into town. Nik was later part of the group to discover Jack's corpse and bring it out of the mines. He was the first to notice the smell.

Although he tells William about his encounter with Samuel at the mine, Nikolai also decides to question Samuel about it himself.

Nikolai's Route[]

Nik was scheduled for an appointment with Samuel in the evening, but was late because of a union demonstration. He came through the back entrance of the Hip, and was surprised to run into Samuel and Cliff. Once Samuel sends the weasel away, the two head up to Samuel's room. While cuddling in bed, Nik asks Samuel about their earlier encounter in the mines. Despite being distracted by a handjob, Nik continues the line of questioning, even physically restraining Samuel. However, he eventually believes Samuel's confession, and offers to help him leave town.

He spends the night in Samuel's room, and is woken up when William comes looking for the two. When William questions Samuel about their encounter at the mine, Nik jumps to his defense by amending his previous statement. Frustrated, William leaves. Nik follows, promising to find Samuel's money.

Nik enlists the help of his bunkmate, Yao, in the search. The two of them set off to the mines during their lunch break, and to their surprise, run into Samuel.

Cliff's Route[]

Murdoch's Route[]

William's Route[]

Nikolai runs into Samuel, William, and Murdoch as the trio prepare to leave the Hip. Although he is hurt by Samuel's mistrust, he agrees to accompany the trio into the mines. The group runs into Todd, who tells them about the three ladies he may or may not have seen enter the mines. Although William scolds the otter, Nik and the others hear women's laughter while they're in the mine.

Nik leads the group to the hollow where Jack's body was found, and stays behind as the other three enter to investigate and take photos. He leads them back outside, and is the first to depart from the group; when Samuel attempts to stop him, he plainly states that he doesn't want to talk to him right now.

Despite the need for distance, Nik runs into Samuel at a poker game hosted at William's office. They have a terse exchange before the rest of the players arrive.



Samuel is one of Nikolai's closest friends, and the two have a physically intimate relationship. Nikolai is very protective of Samuel, and is quick to offer him assistance.


Yao is Nikolai's coworker and bunkmate. He considers him as trustworthy.


William and Nik are friends, and occasionally play cards together. Nik thinks the coyote is a good man, but is willing to betray his trust in order to protect Samuel.


Cliff is an acquaintance of Nik's, and the two have brief encounters with each other throughout the game. While Nik is offput by Cliff's bluntness in his own route, he makes polite conversation. He later remarks that the stoat should be more careful, lest he get killed.


  • Nik's sprite used to be somewhat larger, but it was later "nerfed" in order to solve graphic display issues regardling sprite formatting.
  • Nikolai finds it difficult to become aroused unless he's near someone.
  • Nikolai's favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo.[3]