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"He'd probably be cute if he didn't talk."

― Samuel Ayers

Clifford "Cliff" Tibbits (real name Cornelis van Houwelinck) is one of the love interests in The Smoke Room. He is an anthropology student that comes to Echo in order to research the Meseta tribe.


Cliff is a small, lean stoat with average muscle. He is covered in brown fur with a lighter shade on his eyebrows and front. His eyes are blue and usually covered by a pair of glasses with circular lenses and a gold-colored rim.

He is dressed in a dapper manner, wearing black dress pants and a tan vest over a button-up shirt, accentuated with a red bow tie.


Cliff is high-spirited, optimistic, and passionate, although he has difficulty reading a room. This leads to him coming across as quite flirtatious, happily entertaining relationships with both Murdoch Byrnes and Samuel Ayers on his own route. Cliff is somewhat sensitive, and would sooner run from a fight or give up than fight back.

Cliff is incredibly studious and determined, setting up his own expedition to the Meseta Tribe settlement despite the danger.


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Early Life[]

Clifford Tibbits was born on September 14th, 1892[2] in Schippersburg, Batavia. His mother passed away when he was thirteen years old. Cliff went on to study anthropology at Wensleydale, while his father and younger sister remained in Batavia.


Cliff first appears to Sam at the saloon, Saguaro's Hip. He is immediately enthralled by the atmosphere of a traditional western saloon and is soon seated next to Sam after obliviously making his presence known to every patron in the bar.

He tells Sam that he was referred to a mountain lion matching his description and identifies him as a sex worker. Sam, attempting to keep a low profile during the day, denies this and tries his best to ignore him. When Cliff makes it known clearly to the bartender that he is interested in male companionship that the brothel provides, two drunken patrons Huxley and Reed, accost him and usher him outside to assault him. Sam internally curses him for not knowing the discreet methods needed to partake in his services but follows him with plans to defend Cliff nonetheless. This becomes unnecessary after the two homophobes spot Sheriff William Adler approaching and abscond. Sam helps Cliff up and quickly kisses him to quiet his lamenting and secure him as a potential client. Sam is distracted by William's appearance while Cliff sneaks away when Sam isn't paying attention.

Later that night, Cliff meets Sam again at the brothel and attempts to solicit him for sex, but Sam tells him he is scheduled with another client. He offers to double Sam's pay, and Sam decides to check the status of his current client before agreeing to book Cliff. The brothel is put on lockdown after a group of angry miners begin their strike in the streets outside.

Cliff's Route[]

Murdoch's Route[]

William's Route[]

As Samuel declares that he won't work this evening, he spends the night with Cynthia instead.

The following evening, Murdoch invites Cliff to a poker night at the sheriff's office. Although William seems displeased by his presence, the weasel is happy to see Samuel, who he sits next to with a chipper demeanour.

Nikolai's Route[]

When Samuel decides to wait for his prospective client in the empty saloon, Cliff follows him and catches him off guard. Just as he asks about Samuel's appointment, his intended client—Nikolai—comes in through the back entrance. Samuel sends Cliff away, since Cynthia is waiting for him. The next morning, he has a brief run-in with Samuel.







If Samuel does not choose Cliff's route, Cynthia cheerfully offers the stoat a night in her companionship. Cliff does not seem wholly attracted to the fox, though he does take notice of her Meseta heritage much to her annoyance.


Given Jebediah's quiet nature, not much is known about the relationship between the two. However, Jeb is said to be the only one who was willing to guide Cliff's expedition to the Meseta tribe, and the horse seems to be unfazed by Cliff's open flirting with their fellow traveling companions.


Cliff and Ralph have a somewhat negative relationship, as the rat coldly tells Cliff that Murdoch is not interested in accompanying the stoat's expedition.


  • Batavia is this universe' equivalent of the Netherlands.
  • During certain moments, Cliff's appearances are accompanied by the musical piece "Pop Goes the Weasel."
  • Cliff is bisexual, making him the only known love interest in the Smoke Room to not identify as gay.
  • Cliff's favorite book is The Turn of the Screw.[3]
  • Cliff uses they/them pronouns in the 2022 Christmas special set in a modern AU.
  • In cold weather, Cliff's coat turns white. This can be seen in the 2022 Christmas special.